Clean Christianity

Biblical Teaching at its Purest

An apple or an apple pie?

For most of us, that’s not a difficult decision at all — we’ll go for the apple pie!  From a nutritional and physical health perspective, however, is the apple pie the best and most sensible choice?  If we’re honest, no it is not.

Unfortunately, most people choose a local church to attend with the same criteria used to pick the apple pie.  People pick the church which “tastes” the best, with little to no thought as to which one is the most spiritually nutritious.

Why do most people choose the church they do?  Some look for dynamic music, an emotive worship setting, a robust kid’s program, spectacular facilities, or the availability of a variety of activities.  There is nothing inherently wrong or inappropriate with any of these characteristics.  The problem is rarely will any of these provide the spiritual nourishment needed for real, meaningful, and necessary spiritual growth and development.  This is like choosing apple pie.

Some, fortunately, will make the choice of a local church to attend based on the most important criteria — the quality of teaching as related to the Word of God.  It’s like choosing the apple.  It may not have the immediate and superficial ‘wow’ factor of the apple pie, but it offers the critical nutrition needed for consistent spiritual growth.


What makes Union Grove Christian Church different?

The concept of Clean Christianity stems from the concept of Clean Eating, which is the consumption of food in its purest form.  At Union Grove Christian Church, we focus on the consumption of God’s Word in its purest form - straight from the Bible with nothing added to make it “appear more appealing.”  No added sweeteners, filler, fat or other additives.  We focus on teaching and preaching simple Bible truths upon which one can build a life for Christ; a life built upon the solid rock, exactly as Jesus Himself demanded.

What we offer is what is needed most, a steady diet of spiritual nutrition.  Jesus taught us in Matthew 7:21-27 that what ultimately matters is doing the will of God.  God’s revealed will is found in His Holy Word.

This is what we specialize in - teaching and doing the will of God as taught in His Word.  At Union Grove Christian Church, we specialize in Clean Christianity.