Union Grove supports a variety of missions.  Below is a list and brief description of each

+ Christ to the Nations (CTN) Ministries

CTN Ministries works with Juanito Magbanua and other pastors in the Philippines to build and staff churches and to spread the gospel to those who do not know Christ.  Mr. Eldon Potts is the Director of this ministry and resides in Joplin, MO.

+ The Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia

The pregnancy centers serve to aid young women who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy.  The centers provide medical checkups, counseling and practical help in the form of diapers, clothing, etc, to these women.  Their purpose is to equip these women to carry their children to term if that choice is made.  They also provide support to women who have undergone abortions in the past.  Counselors in these centers also share the good news of Christ and His love and forgiveness.  Find out more at http://virginiapregnancy.org/

+ Waypoint Church Partners

Waypoint Church Partners is the fusion of two like-minded organizations, the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship and Envision Church Planting. Together we help church leaders navigate the challenges of ministry by providing low-to-no cost services and support for an enormous variety of needs. From planting brand new churches around the Mid-Atlantic region to getting church leaders together in collaborative learning environments called Fusion Groups to offering special training in guest services or preaching seminars, Waypoint Church Partners is all about serving the local church.  You can learn more about them at http://www.waypointchurchpartners.com

+ Thrive Women's Healthcare of Central VA

Thrive is a team of medical staff and advocates that walk with a person in a time of making life changing decisions.  They provide No-Cost services that offer: laboratory quality testing, STI/STD testing, pregnancy options and resources, ultrasounds, walk-in services, and adoption counseling.   www.thrivecentralva.org